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Note Taking: Home

Note Taking Tips

  • Have plenty of note cards or Post-It notes.
  • One source per note card.
  • One item per note card.
  • Use quotation marks when quoting!
  • Take more notes than you think you will need. 
  • Narrow down your sources.
  •  Record as you go.

Note Taking Steps

1.      Evaluate the source. Determine validity, accuracy and usefulness of the source.

2.      Create a bibliography card or a bibliographic citation for each source used



3.      As you read each source, make a separate note of each fact or quotation you might want to use in your paper. You may use index cards, Post-It notes, or an electronic system such as PowerPoint slides linked in the "Resources" box to the right.

To create note cards:

a.      Place the number of the source you are using in the upper right-hand corner of each card.  Number each of the cards containing notes from the sources like this:  1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and so on.  The first number stands for the source, the second number for the notecard.  You’ll use these numbers when writing the rough draft of your paper.

b.     Write the main idea or topic of the note as a heading on the top of the card. 

c.      Write only one idea per card and only on one side of the card.

d.     After the body of your note, write the page number from which you obtained the material on the lower right-hand corner of the card.



Creating Notecards using the PowerPoint Template