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Shawnee Heights High School Library: Research Tools & Tips

Copyright Friendly Media

When publishing information online fair use guidelines no longer apply. Students and teachers must follow rules that apply to everyone else. The following LibGuide provides access to images in the public domain or have a Creative Commons license. You still need to attribute the images you use to their creators.

What are Databases and Why You Need Them

What is a Scholarly Journal Article

Beware of predatory open-access journals.  The goal of the publishers of these online journals is to make money. Check Beall's list for a list of questionable publishers.  Beall's List of Predatory Open Access Publishers

Using Wikipedia for Academic Research

Evaluating Web Sites

How to Quickly Evaluate a Web Site

When you come across information online, ask yourself:

1. Who is behind the information?

2. What is the evidence?

3. What do other sources say?